Flatbed Delivery

Flatbed delivery truck

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Flatbed Delivery 

10 totes or 32 bbls

Flatbed Delivery Truck

Base Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to (10) totes or 32 bbls

  • Material: Steel diamond plate bed with I-beam structural

  • Steel tube fold down sides or "slat" style lift out gates

  • Steel head board

  • Flip up lift gate or electric crane

  • Hi strength bed tie downs with apitong wood cushion between bed and truck frame

  • Steel rock / debris guards front and back of rear wheels with mudflaps

  • Single or dual pump systems with oil strainers

  • Aluminum suction stinger(s) for each pump

  • Additional ground level suction lines for direct connect totes

  • Mechanical or electronic meters

  • "Hot Shift" PTO or hydraulic drive systems

  • Electric rewind hose reels and ball style nozzles with in transit drain holsters

  • LED lighting

  • Side cabinets open or enclosed

  • Locking fitting boxes and drain bucket holder