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Petroleum Tank Truck DOT 406

Petroleum Tank Truck


DOT 406 Truck Mount

Base Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 5200 gallons

  • Tank material: Aluminum / Steel / Stainless steel

  • Multiple compartments

  • 16" man-ways

  • Tank saddle bolsters, spring bolt tie down

  • Bottom load / Optic overfill

  • Manifold or swing hose coupler

  • Rear mounted ladder

  • Aluminum hose tubes optional

  • Carbon steel bumper / Trailer pintle hitch towing options

  • Electric rewind hose reels

  • Electronic flow meters

  • Multi-pump systems

  • "Hot shift" PTO or hydraulic drive systems

  • LED lights

  • LED swivel work lights

  • Multiple tank and delivery configuration available

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